Beep Cloud Help, BCH, started when two guys wanted to create a gaming company that did social good. Today, the vision has been honed in to focus on what we believe to be the most critical element of helping people: food and water. Each time you play one of our games, you help contribute to the meals raised for kids who would otherwise be starving. The way we help fund meals is through free/freemium games that use advertisements to raise money for the charities that share our vision.

Impact to date:

In the beginning, the BCH team built their first game, Turtle Rock, in just 2 months starting with no prior programming experience. After all the basic elements were set in place, they’ve raised $600 for various charities that they were helping. Learn more about the game here, or download it on iTunes or Google Play.

Today, Beep Cloud Help stands to end hunger around the world. This passion was fueled by its founder who grew up in an impoverished village where he was once asked for the banana peel by a hungry little girl who wanted to finish the inside of the fruit’s skin. No child should go through that kind of an experience. Thank you for playing our games, and be on the look out for the next game which will incorporate ways to inform the player of the impact that their time playing has had on the cause.

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Meals Raised as of 11/18/14: 495

Announcement Snippets:
11/15/14: Re-designing the website. Can’t wait to unveil the new look!
10/29/14: Ninja Circles is finally out! Play a game while helping feed poor kids. Available on both the App Store and Google Play.
8/5/14: Beep Cloud is in the middle of creating the second mobile game that will aim to raise food for the starving children around the world.
7/7/14: Now on Android! (here) Let us know how we can improve.
6/30/14: We have raised $600 for the first month! $300 to Breastcancer.org (here), and $300 to Free Healthcare Campaign (here). Thank you for playing the game!
5/30/14: Now that everything is working properly, we can start start counting our first month. Next, we’ll be converting the game into Android as well as making some cool announcements.
5/19/14 Additional project to support: Feel The Warmth and Breastcancer.org.
5/16/14 Additional project to support: Water for Community in Dien Bien & Son La.
5/12/14 Our Turtle Rock beta app is now in iOS, time to start improving!

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